Our Solutions

VTPTek pioneer in applying the most advanced technology into solutions: Cloud Computing, Energy Management, Building Facility Management, Data Center in Vietnam.

VTPtek oriented focus, continue to develop their strengths and relentless pursuit of technology for continuous improvement to implement best-of-breed solutions designed to fit your business needs. Our customizable solutions provide flexibility and the ability to scale as your business grows.

Enterprise Cloud Service

Migrating your existing IT infrastructure to the Cloud can be a very daunting task for small and medium-sized businesses. Such a transition needs to be planned for, and well-executed so that none of your mission-critical data gets lost and downtime is minimized. VTPtek Cloud hosting services is comprised of VTPtek Professional Services which allows for this transition to the Cloud to occur seamlessly.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

VTPtek can cost-effectively spin up your virtual machines from the Veeam backup using Veeam Instant Recovery or restoring the backups to faster-reserved storage. Resources are consumed on a monthly subscription-based on the performance and Recovery Time Objective you are looking for.

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Data Center Services

Data Center services are all activities for "Design, Build, Improvement and Management" of IT and Data Center on the premises of the customer. Here VTPtek' expertise lies in the system integration and system management aspects of the IT infrastructure.

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Managed Services

VTPtek addresses this challenge with our broad portfolio of Managed Services which are designed to help our customers leverage best-of-breed technology advancements for their business. As an extension of our customer’s IT & facilities staff, we can assist in acquiring, deploying, monitoring and supporting these technologies on behalf of our customer.

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Centralized Monitoring & Alert Solution
VTPtek provides comprehensive solution from design, integration, testing, commissioning to maintenance and operation of the full spectrum of building services works, including HVAC, Electrical, Fire, CCTV, access control, Energy Management and much more onto one dedicated platform. This provides highly efficient centralised control, monitoring and management while increasing the overall ‘smart value’ of any intelligent building.
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